I have a Martin Couger III se with magnum limbs and Fuzion Cams. I bought the bow new about four or five years ago. I have shot alot with the bow and it is starting to show some age. I have had a problem with a loud noise coming from the top cam for the past three years and it always happens at the worst possible moment so that is strike one.

I was looking the bow over a little today and it looks like the bottom cam is leaning a bit. The bottom cam is tilted to the left (holding the bow like you are going to shoot) and the washer on the left side looks like it is being deformed some. Strike two.

It is also time to change the string out. My question is, what do I have to do to get this bow back in good shape. How much money am I looking at spending? I am starting to think that I should cut my loses and buy a new bow but I need to do it soon so I can get used to shooting a different bow.

What should I do.