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Thread: help wanted - deciding on anchor points

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    Default help wanted - deciding on anchor points

    Wanted - help with anchor decision...

    I have a new bow on the way and I still canít decide between low and high anchor.
    I shoot fingers but may change to release aid. Just ordered new 42Ē ATA bow for field/3D (55-70lb). I may go release aid on this one.

    My Dilemma
    Just dusted off and tuned some old finger bows (Hoyt proHunter/Pro Vantage) - after 15 years. Trying high and low anchor. I find the draw to my low anchor (under chin) is shorter than my draw to my high anchor at the side of my mouth. This means my anchor point decision will determine my final draw length adjustment.

    Mentally I feel more comfortable with a high anchor. Physically I feel more comfortable with a low anchor. I WANT TO USE A LOW ANCHOR but for some reason I just donít feel confident with it. Could someone read the following comments and tell me if Iím making the wrong considerations.

    My High anchor (top finger anchored into side of chin groove below lip).
    1. Offers less up/down variation - this anchor seems very firm - moves less on my face.
    2. I donít need to use my pins up to 20m Ė because the high anchor lets me sight down the arrow. I canít judge distance like this with a low anchor.
    3. High anchor seems more instinctive and natural to me - can get more of the arrow in my vision, look down that shaft and feel more confident about where Iím aiming.
    4. more consistency at shorter distances - grouping is excellent.
    1. The high anchor feels less physically comfortable than a low anchor. Thereís more neck tension involved..I think.
    2. Iím always double-checking the vertical distance between my arrow tip and the target before I rely on my pins, i.e sighting off my arrow at high anchor...because I can. Maybe its a bad habit and a distraction because at the end of the day you need to develop faith your sight pins if you donít want to shoot barebow. Am I right?
    3. Using a high anchor over longer distances means I canít keep the target within my sight window because of the angle of the bow. If I lower my Toxonic pin sight window any more on the riser, the sight window bar hits the arrow fletches. Does this sound right?

    My Low Anchor
    Something is telling me the low anchor (under chin, with nose on string) is the better option.
    1. I get better results with it over longer distances. (one of my Hoyts is set up for low anchor with a string peep).
    2. It also seems heaps easier and more comfortable to draw back to this position/less tiring for me. (less neck tension?). Does this sound right?
    1. feel less confident Ďcause I canít check the aim instinctively
    2. so far not as consistent for me but I feel this is because Iím having trouble with a consistent anchor. It moves around a lot. I have difficulty remembering where exactly to anchor under my chin. If I had a nose button or kisser button I would probably have more confidence in it. I figure this would eliminate a lot of variance. What do you think? I donít think a peep sight offers any solution I right?

    Other questions
    1. I measured my draw (arrow inside nock to arrow rest) with 2 different finger positions. The draw using split finger release was 705 mm. The draw with three fingers below the nock was 715 mm. I drew to the middle of the valley a dozen times to double check. How come the difference? Three fingers below is a far easier and more comfortable release, but I group heaps better using split finger. Is this because of the way my bow is tuned?


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    How about a compromise. I shoot with a modified low anchor. instead of the traditional low under the chin Olympic anchor, I bring my hand up to my face with my thumb laying under my jaw bone with the v of my hand and thumb wraped around my jaw, with the string just touching the end of my nose. It is the most natural anchor I have found. I don't have to lean my head over like you do when you anchor at the corner of your mouth. Although I do shoot my recurve that way. For shooting a compound, it is rock solid.

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