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Thread: Greetings from Texas

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    Cool Greetings from Texas

    Hello everyone, I've been hunting all my life, bow hunting for the last 5yrs. I now only bow hunt, unless I need some for sure meat. My wife bought me my first bow (PSE Jet Flite) at a pawn shop 5yrs. ago, and I've been in love with bow hunting ever since. It was quite an old bow, so I have been scouting bow's for about 3 month's and decided on the 07 Bengal. Wow what a difference. I believe I've made a great choice if I do say so myself. Well, good luck in the woods, and I hope everyone bags em a good one this coming season.

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    If you're happy then that's all that counts. Personally I like a little longer bow so I chose the Pantera, but that's a personal matter. My feeling are that the Bengal is one of the better "bang for the buck" bows made in 2007.

    Good luck with it. Now try to get one of those turkeys.

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