I'm gonna warn you, this is a rant. I was watching The Pursuit Channel on TV. A show called "Bloodlines" came on and they were rifle hunting deer in their home state of Missouri. The host and his wife were in an elevated blind. A nice buck walked out, she took a shot, and wounded the buck. Then they both had a nice laugh about it. Later in the show, the same buck came out again. The husband decided he was going to take a "neck shot", as he described it, at 326 yards. He missed. They laughed. Not once did they go look for the wounded deer. All they did was laugh about it on camera. As a hunter, this pi--ed me off severely. Why do they put trash like this on TV for everyone, anti-hunters included to see? It's irresponsible towards hunters to air this kind of crap. To the anti-hunters it makes all of us look like the two idiots on the show that are just out wounding game, and too lazy to go try to recover anything that doesn't just fall in it's tracks. "If that's what the professionals show on TV, you can only imagine what the average hunter is like!" Needless to say, I wrote to all of the sponsors and the CEO of the Pursuit Channel. I am currently waiting for their replies, but I'm not holding my breath. There should be a governing body that reviews all of the shows before they air, to make sure that the ethical hunters among us are represented in a good light. End of rant, but not the end of my anger.