GETTING TIRED OF THIS CRAP! remember the mishap with the tru-ball release awhile back? well, it happened again today. with two other releases! its not a matter of bumping the trigger. finger is behind the trigger pushing forward til im ready to shoot. always is,has been,and will be. it happened with the release ive been using since the last problem i had. lost an arrow.So i switched to my back-up Tru-ball Stinger. and again. another mis-fire! at least i found that arrow. punched my self in the mouth twice in 5min. the Cheetah just about went airborne. but, i controlled myself. im SO pissed right now. i was warming up,getting ready to go on a real coon hunt. just found out today that theyre legal to actually hunt on farmlands when causing damage to crops or property. i was excited! then this BS!

im kinda thinking its got to be something with the d-loop material. has to be. what are the odds of # releases mis-firing while shooting the same bow? not bloody likely. seriously thinking about going back to shooting off the string. just dont want to do that,though. what alternatives are there? is there a thicker loop material i should use? uggghhhh!