I had a neat experience yesterday while shooting my bow.

I was out shooting yesterday when about 10 kids and 2 adults rode up on bicycles. They were kids from the local bible ranch going for a ride. One of the boys asked me if he could shoot my bow. Well no one is going to shoot my Martin Hi-Speed. I told him he could not shoot that bow but if they would wait just a second I would get a bow he could shoot.

I puled out two 30# Peterson long bows with wooden arrows that I made. I showed the boy how to shoot and before I knew it I had 12 people lined up ready to shoot. The littlest girl there, about 14 years old, was by far the best shot. She had never even seen a real bow before and yet she was the best, a natural. She killed my 3-D deer on every shot from about 15 or 20 yards away.

We shot for about an hour and then they left. All of the kids were from a little town in Kansas. Some of the kids were talking about how they were going to get a bow and start shooting, if their parents would allow it. It was fun showing them the propper eticut and saftey of shooting. I would like to think that maybe I have introduced a new person to the wonderful life of shooting archery.