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Thread: Magnum???

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    Question Magnum???

    I am thinking of purchasing a (2006) Quest Magnum Dyna.
    What about this Martin makes it a "magnum" anyway?
    Also, why did Martin & Co. pull this model out of production
    after just 2 years ?
    The price is right and for a novice who just got married and
    needs to keep the overall cost down to please the wife....
    it sure has a "nice" look and feel about it !
    Thanks in advance for any / all info on this.

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    I'll answer the questions in reverse order. Martin, and every other company is always trying to keep up with the changes in technology. Therefore the "quest" goes on for the perfect bow. One other reason is that certain bows just don't go over well with John Q Public and don't sell well. Therefore they don't last long. Just a matter of economics and sound business practices.

    OK, what makes this a MAGNUM. I honestly don't know. I have never seen one advertised this way. Only thing I can think of is that it has magnum limbs on it, which are just Martin's 14" laminated limbs. There is a little designation in their catalog that says Magnum, but that's it.

    By the way. If you want to look at something with a comparable price tag (bang for the buck) check out the Cheetah, Bengal, or Sabre. I quite understand that not everybody can afford one of those $700+ bows made by some others. I can, but I won't---maybe that's why I can.

    Hope this helps some.

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