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Thread: Has anyone tried the new HCA Speed Pro Max?

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    Cool Has anyone tried the new HCA Speed Pro Max?

    Just wondering if anyone had tried the new HCA speed pro max arrows? I would like to try the 5.5g arrows in my #60 Pantera just to see if I can speed her up a little. The ads boast speed increases anywhere from 30 to 100 feet per sec. If this were true a guy could really use 1 pin out to 30 yrds. This could be an expensive upgrade for nothing if the ad is just bs. I am shooting #60 at 30 inches 100 g points and broad heads. Thanks

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    Default HCA Arrows

    Thet work great.Tx.gollum257

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    I have these arrows right now and went from shooting 275fps to 325fps, the only concern I have shooting these arrows is that since they are so light weight it is like my bow is being dry-fired and I am afraid my limbs and string are going to break. I would suggest shooting at least 100 gr. broadhead and doing something to make the arrows a little heavier because you are still going to be gaining alot of speed from the arrows you are currently shooting

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    Just be sure of one thing; that you don't go too light with the total arrow weight. What cam is on your bow? I'm going to pull your chain a bit (nothing personal), but if you have the MPro cam and want speed you went the wrong route. The best way to get speed is to pick a speed bow with a speed cam.

    Just to give you something to think about, but I like speed and I bought my Pantera with the Nitrous cams. I'm using the bow for 3D right now, but it may become my hunting bow. Set up at 5 gr/lb and 53#, 27" draw it's doing 287 fps. That's not a misprint---five-three pounds.

    My hunting arrows shoot 275 fps out of the same bow.

    To achieve the same speed with the MPro cam I'd have to exceed 60#, which I don't need or want to do. That's why I ordered the cam system I did.

    My experience with the Speed Pro arrows is limited. I've only ever run into one person shooting them and I was not impressed with the straightness of them. I mean, they were really bad.

    I would suggest you pose this question over on There is much more action over there, with 70,000 members. In fact, use the search funtion and you will probably find lots of threads.

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