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    Hi, I am looking to buy a new set of target arrows and would like to know what type of cam you would class the Tru-Arc+ as? This is in relation to the Easton Arrow charts where I am not sure of you would class these cams as a soft, medium or single/hard cam.

    What would say they are?


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    I would class the TruArc as a medium cam. That being said, I usually always look under hard cams for any arrow I pick. That way, if it ends up on the stiff side I'm still in the ball park. This is especially true if shooting carbon arrows which often have a shooting range of about 20#.

    The rare exception to this would be Gold Tip arrows which spine lighter than marked for some reason. An example would be the XT 5575 which, if you go by the numbers, should be shot from 55 to 75#. In reality they don't shoot well much above 65# if in the 29" to 30" length.

    Don't forget that you can always adjust the limb bolts for optimum tuning. This is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to optimize tuning. You can always play around with different weight fletching and/or point weight, but adjusting the weight is easier. There is nothing written in stone that a bow has to be shot at a particular weight.

    If you are having trouble tuning and suspect the arrows are borderline on the light side try taking one turn off the limbs and see if they shoot better. If they do then you have your answer. Seriously, no animal will be able to tell that you are shooting 3# less bow weight.

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