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    Default Cam Lean ?

    Just Got Back From The Range And Noticed Wear On The Outside Left Of The Serving Just Above My Cam. Can This Be Corrected By Adjusting The Cable Arm. Or Do I Have A More Serious Problem? The String Seems To Be Coming Off The Cam A Little To The Left Of Center. Any Ideas?

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    See? Short bow withy a cable slide pulling the cable to the side. Try rotating your cable rod as far to the string as you can and still achieve fletching clearance. See if this helps. If not then your best bet is a call to Martin customer service to see what they say.

    This is fairly common with single cam bows as there is no way to releave any cam lean. The shorter the bow the less distance between the cam and the cable slide so the angle is sharper. The longer the draw length the more pronounced it can be, too.

    Just one reason that a shorter A2A bow isn't always the best choice.

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    Matt Foster


    That is very interesting as its the same problem I am having, smells like a trend and I'll definitely be getting in direct contact with a Martin Archery technician, I will relay the useful information to this forum as soon as I can work out a reliable solution.

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