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    I have a pantera on order to the closest dealer to me, however it is 200 miles away. THis is fine for the order as I have to go there anyway pretty close to the time when my bow should arrive. I have heard all about Martin customer service, but if for some reason my bow needs repair for whatever reason, will Martin ship it back to my home address or only to the dealer?

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    deer dude


    have you got a shop any closer to you thats not a martin dealer?. my bow was needing some work and martin sent the stuff to a shop here in my town thats not a martin get ahold of joel and he will work with you.

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    It is recomended that the bow gets worked on by a Martin dealer. I live in very rural Montana and have a 75Mi one way drive to my local dealer one way! But Martin will do Warrenty work with the owner and ship to your home address if possibile. I know they have done it for me!

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    I would give a call to martin and talk to joel or jake... depending on your situation they will woek with you on the parts.. I know they have sent me parts to my house but only after recieving my old parts...

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