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its a ccd-trv108. it uses the Hi8 mini video cassettes. theres some kind of converter that i need to plug the cam into,then plug that into the computer. i researched it online yesterday and decided it would be more simple and maybe more cost effective to find something ready to rock.

GD,that looks like something that would work. have you youtube'd any vids with it?

Double S, that is a nice set up you have there. not just the camera,either. $1100 is way morethan i have to get started.
i have not put anything on youtube,and i dont even know how to to be honest.but i paid 350 for it at best buy,spent alot of time researching and alot of time shoping around,in he long run im very happy i bought it.takes great video and the led light on the front is wayway bright.i used it to work on my rig on a back road in the middle of the night.takes good night vid.we really wanted somthing to vid my daughters and for hunting.im taking it with me on my 10 day trip