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    I have a 2005 Martin Mag Cat. The bow is rated for 55-70# but when i crank it up all the way it only gets to 60ish. I shoot with i think a 28" draw and i was wondering if there was a way to get some more pounds out of it. Can anyone Help? Please.

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    is it possible that your string and cable are the original factory?? if so you may be experiencing stretch...if this is hte cse get a new set and be done with it.. or you can twist up the cable to gain draw weight and I believe the string as well.. but im not sur eon this as I ussually just buy new ones every year.. im sure bfisher will answer you more detailed in the twisting of the cable or leEarl.. sorry I could not help more..

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    Is that a 2005 Martin ShadowCat Mag? Just want to make sure we start in the correct place....

    I will try help you get it right. Just need more info.

    What are the limb #? Number on the side of the limb.
    What cam and mods?
    What are the string and cable lengths?
    What is the A-A and Brace Height?

    All this info will help me understand what is happening with your bow...

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    The bow is a Martin Magnum. I dont find the limb #'s. It has a dyna cam with an f-5 mod. The String length is 87.5" and the cable is 35.75". The A-A is 33", and the brace height is 6.75".

    If someone could help me find the limb #'s that might help.

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    The limb number is on the edge up by the limb pocket. You might have to back the limb out a little to be able to see the number..
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    The Limb #'s are 4h.

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    Can you post a picture of your bow? I just want to make sure what bow you have. It might say Magnum on the limbs, but it is a different bow then just a Magnum.

    Sorry for the run around, but I would hate to give you the wrong info.....

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    Seems the only catalog I don't have from recent years is the 2005. Using my 2004 and the cam charts your bow has to be one of two models:

    Phantom (M-28)
    Jaguar (M-62)

    These are the only two that have the specs and using string and cable lengths you are stating. The specs on both are not exactly what you say, but are close enough to rule out all the other bows.

    You can find this by looking at the cam/bow charts on this site.

    I'd almost have to think that you have the Jaguar which has specs of 32 1/4" A2A and a brace of 6 7/8". Probably the most logical reason your A2A is too long and the brace too short is because of string creep (elongation). When this happens there will be less prestress on the limbs and the weight will not reach it's peak anymore.

    When you give the string lengths are you using the limb sticker or actual measurements?

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    I use the limb sticker.

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