Hey guys I need your help. I have a 2010 Firecat TR2 With the 2 piece Martin Quiver,and a Tru-Glo Range Rover single pin sight.Last season groups were good sights were on.I had rotator cuff surgery in Feb 2011,Dr released me to shoot in July,I have been using a Ripshot release to help draw without shoulder pain,anyway when I shoot my 2010 Cheetah things are okay,but my Firecat shoots 2 inches to the right.I have good groups just to the right of where I aim.I have checked my grip,anchor etc.I can't move the sight over anymore without removing an arrow from the quiver,Which I can do if I need to.Also use a Whisker Biscuit and center shot looks good (eyeball).All screws are tight.Any ideas. Thanks