Hello I am new to this forum and new to traditional shooting and have a few questions. First off, I got my first long bow (Fox archery custom) last year and love it. I decided to try a recurve for the first time and just purchased one this past weekend from a gentleman. This bow looks brand new and looks as if it has never been shot at all. It has the following markings on it. He said that it was a Damon Howatt Super Diablo. I mainly want this for deer hunting and he has a Damon Howatt Hunter and this one and he mentioned that this one was probably the model above the hunter and would be great for hunting.

55# @ 28"
ESD 7215
AMO 60"

Super Diablo
USA Martin Archery Inc

How can I find out when this bow was made or what year it is? Secondly, I love the way it shoots and is very comparable to my longbow. The issue I have and maybe this is the nature of the beast but it is very loud? My long bow is very quiet and compared to it, the recurve is very loud on release. The bow string does have big fur silencers on each end but not sure if there is a way to help this quiet down in any way? I am not sure if it is because the string lays on the thicker limbs on a recurve and it is making a smacking noise or what but thought I would ask seasoned traditional shooters.

Thank You for your time.