I have just completed my first ‘South West Challenge’ and thought you guy’s might like to hear a few details..
This is an annual eight day shoot around the Southwest of England.
Four clubs, eight courses, run over a nine day period (we get a day off in the middle).
As usual with NFAS shoots, all styles from Primitive to Crossbow and Compound Unlimited were catered for, with the traditional classes making up more than half the competitors.

Day one, 36 targets, combination of 3D Big Game scoring and faces with spots, 2 or 3 arrow depending on spot color (2 arrows at yellow, 3 arrows at red)
Day two, 36 3D, Big Game scoring
Day three and four, 36 3D (including a flying goose!) each day, Big Game scoring
Day five, 36 3D, Big Game scoring
Day six, 36 3D, Somerset 2 arrow scoring
Day seven, 38 3D, Woodsman scoring
Day eight, 38 3D, Big Game scoring

If you managed to hit your mark every time, that made 334 shots required (I didn’t quite manage this, LoL).
You could end up shooting 762 arrows total. (this is what some of our trad shooters call getting their money’s worth).

Total points available for the week was 7,598, I didn’t win any medals but was not totally unhappy with my final score of 6,197 points.