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Thread: Eight day 3D shoot in England

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    Sounds like a blast!!! Too bad there isn't anything like that in the states.

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    looks like too much fun

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    Thumbs up An Archery Marathon....

    Man, that is so cool... you Brits do your thing in a rather cheeky style....don't mind me I just always wanted to use the word "cheeky" in a sentence.
    Really enjoyed some of the images. Even saw someone shooting a kinky arrow, just too cool.
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    As the organisers of the SWC are quite happy for archers who cannot shoot the entire competition to join in just for the weekend, I met up with Kev on the last day. I have been out of competition for a while (due to work) and this was a great way to start limbering up for next season, plus having a good natter with my ol'buddy.

    We shot in a very unusual group, one compound unlimited archer (Kev) - release and any sights & stab you like. Two compound limited archers (Pete and me) - finger release, five pin sights and any stab, and an English Longbow archer (Patrick). We had a great day (despite me losing an arrow), got wet a couple of times and put in some sensible scores.

    At the end of the shoot Patrick said that he had always been told compound archers were serious types, he now knew that to be wrong. Put Kev and me in the same group and you are NOT going to get serious. Competitive yes, serious, not a chance.

    It is worth saying that over here we pretty much take the whole day to shoot 36 to 40 3D's, I signed in at 9.00am for 10.00am start and we finished late afternoon. That includes a lunch break at the 'Tea Tent' - a bar-b-que, burgers, bacon, sausages, tea, coffee, soft drinks and home made cake....mmmmmmmcaaakkke. So it's not so much of an endurance test (other than resisting the temptation of more caaakkkkke).

    EDIT: Arrrgghh, that little alligator at Westcombe had a rock under it and one of my arrows ended up looking like and exploding cigar!
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