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    Can the Sceptor-4 be bought new with the Nitrous cams on it, and if so, and anyone has one, what kind of arrow speeds are You getting?...Please state draw length, draw weight, and arrow weight...Thanks!...Harperman

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    I'm not totally certain, but you could probably get one. It would have to come out of the custom shop.

    As for what performance to expect? I don't have one so I couldn't say. I do know that all my Nitrous bows are faster than with any of the other cams. I'd have to think that it would IBO between 5 and 10 fps faster than with the Furious cams.

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    Yes you can get it and YES it will be fast...... I will have one setup very soon so I can give you first hand info. I have hear guys shooting in the 310 fps at 62# with a 29" draw

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    LeEarl...Thanks for the post...When You get that bow set-up and dialed in, I'd appreciate some numbers...Also, when using the Nitrous cams on a Sceptor, does it change the brace height??...I am a finger shooter, and what I'm kinda looking into is a bow thats about 38-40" long, with a decent brace height, but still has good speed for 3-D shooting...I have a Slayr with the Nitrous "X" system coming in the mail, and when it gets here, if it's all that I have been told it is, I'll see what I can do with it...I was thinking that IF the Sceptor with the Nitrous cams is close to the same speed as the Slayr, then I might look into getting one of the Sceptor set up with Nitrous cams and the short limbs....I will have a 2007 Hoyt Vulcan for sale real soon....L.O.L...Thanks again, and Take Care....Harperman

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