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Thread: cosidering first new bow puchase

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    Question cosidering first new bow puchase

    Hello to all I am considering the purchase of a new martin jaguar and I don't want to make any rash choices. What I would like to know is how to decide on draw length, arrow type, etc. I know that I can go up to at least 65# draw weight and have no problems but after that it gets fuzzy. All suggestion welcome. I stand approx 6'4" current draw length is around 30-32. thank for the help.

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    Well, first Are you looking at this bow at a big store of some kind ? Or is it a smaller Archery shop? The reason I ask is, most pro shops will measure you for your right draw length . Now, the bow needs to fit you and then the arrow needs to fit the bow .. and there are many variables are better off to go to a pro shop where they can do this in person.. Hope this helps..

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    Thumbs up not sure on what I am doing

    I was basicaly going to order the bow off the martin web site, but as you also recommended, I belive that I will go through one of the local shop in the area ( I just found out my new neighbor is voice pres. of the local bow club and he has also said he would help ). I still may order it online as Imay get a cheaper price but no matter what I do I will definitley take it to a shop to make sure it is a fit for me and make sure it is set up properly. Thank for the input at this point I can use all the good advice I can get.

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