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Thread: Adjust draw weight like this, right?

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    Default Adjust draw weight like this, right?

    Hello fellow Martin archers! I just want to make sure I'm gonna do this correctly.
    I have an '06 Martin Prowler SE Dynacam (single cam) bow and just had new strings and cable installed recently. When I shot it for the first time, well, lets just say the accuracy that was once dead-on got a tad wobbly. Only a foot-and-a-half or so off target. Adjusting the sight did nothing to alleviate the wayward arrows. So I'm assuming (yeah, I now what that means!) that perhaps the limbs are now at unequal draw weights.
    So.... I'm gonna tightening each one tight to the riser then back off the bolts equally until I find my preferred draw weight. Is this the right way to do it, or is their a better way I'm unaware of?

    My gratitude for your suggestions!

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    You are correct in your method. It helps to put a white line straight down the bolt head when they're fully tightened.
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    Yes you want to be even steven when adjusting draw weight.Now if your into perfect tiller then forget what i just said,because sometimes one limb might be a hair off to acheive perfect tiller,you would have to check and see.
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    Question Who installed the strings and cables?

    Whomever installed the strings and cables should have at least set your nock point and brought the bow back to the draw weight and setup it had when they took the strings off. Then you should have been reasonably closer to a tune. But that is water under the bridge. You are headed in the right direction and AS has given you a great tip, as setting the marks gives you a definite reference point for adjusting your draw weight and tiller.
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    Hey Prowler, If you can post a pic. I would like to see 2 things.
    1. the whole bow.
    2. the dynacam with the string coming off of it. (side view)

    If the dynacam is not in time it will throw the bow off. Also check to see if the string and cable cross, is on the bottom of the cable guard. Also check to see if vane clearance has changed with the string and cable coming of the cable guard. Another thing to check is the cable slide. See if the string is in the shortest groove and the cable in the longest.

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