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    Default My first trip to a bow shop

    A little lengthy but must share my first trip to a bow shop:

    The nearest bow shop to me is in Las Cruces NM, about 150 miles away. By circumstances my brother and I had to be in Las Cruces yesterday and decided to check out a bow shop. I have never been in a bow shop, I bought my bow used and I always buy my materials and suplies on-line. The shop was filled with both Hoyt and Mathews bows.

    My daughter has been asking for a bow and I picked up some info for her to look at. (She wants the Mathews Jewel) It is a neat looking bow and they had one in the shop.

    I needed to buy some nocking points, serving, and feathers. The owner asked if we needed help and I told him what I needed. He asked how much serving I needed and I told him one spool. Shaking his head he told me he would not sell serving to me and no bow shop will. He would sell me a string or I could bring the bow in to be served for a price, however.

    He invited me to follow him to a back workroom of the shop to look through his supply of fletching. He said he doesn't normally sell fletching. He just usually fletches the arrows for people who need it but this one time he would sell me some feathers. He asked if I needed left or right wing feathers, I told him left. He looked at me with a funny look on his face and said, "You must be a traditional shooter." I told him I was shooting a recurve and he said smiling, "that figures." He told me he only had right wing feathers as that was the most common for shooters. My question is, don't birds have two sides. I shoot left wing because the Martin Jig that came with my bow only has a leftwing clamp. The left wing arrows work fine for me.

    I spotted a limb quiver that would fit my bow. I had priced them on the web and found them priced around $65, a little to steep in my opinion. I asked how much it was and he said, "I would have to look that up." He just stood there looking at me but didn't look it up. I asked again how much it was and he said, "I think it is somerwhere around $125." Well forget that idea.

    My brother, who got me into archery, told me in his experience most bow shops are a lot more helpful but they always seem to act like they now so much more than you. Their opinion is the only one that counts. They do not want to share secrets and they do not want to hear what you have to say about the subject because in their opinion its wrong.

    We shoot a lot of high power rifle matches and everyone is always helpful to each other. Its about bettering the sport and each other. That's one reason I decided to join this forum, everybody wants to help everyone else, and I thank you all for that. I was hoping to get that same mind set in the bow shop.

    Before leaving the shop the owner asked where I drew out for. I told him unit 37 and also told him where we were from. We happen to live in unit 37, one of the best hunting units in the state. As it turns out he drew out for the same unit. He wanted to know everything we could tell him of the area. Yeah Right!!! It was funny how all of a sudden he wanted to become helpful to us as well.

    Well, we left the bow shop and I decided I will stick to on-line purchases in the future. If my daughter gets her Jewel, it will not be from that bow shop in Cruces for sure. He probably blew a future costomer, she realy wants that bow.
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