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Thread: Goin for broke another question

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyThomas View Post
    If wanting another prong style rest, the QuikTune 3000 by NAP is darn good one. I only have 3 or 4.
    X2 on the NAP Quiktune 3000 rest, very easy to set up and tune, the 1000 was'nt bad either.
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    I had a nap quicktune 360 rest in my cheetah, and it was hands down one I'd the easiest to tune.... had better left. Right. Up. And down increments for adjustment than many rests I've seen. I opted away from it for a Qad drop away cuz i got talked into one, but the nap was far easier to tune for me, and it has zero vane contact as well!
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    Default no frills

    I shoot a biscuit,and tri- van. The biscuit hasn't bothered my blazers at all,is quiet and a few fps slower than the tri-van. It is by far the simplest. I haven't had mine freeze up in the winter. Haven't used the other in winter. I switched from a QAD,which was simple as well,but a little louder on the draw. I'm torn between the 2 on my new pantera. Can't go wrong with either.
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    Question Trophy Taker or Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, from experience which is better?

    The Original Trophy Taker Drop Away is serious old school, and the Shakey Hunter by Trophy Taker both changed the game when it came to rests. As a strictly hunting solution the Biscuit has it's advantages, but for all around the drop away's have a lot going for them.

    Drop Away's are worth doing the background research. I looked up the Trophy Taker and learned a lot about Dan Evans and Elk Hunting. I have a Trophy Taker Original with a Martin lock up mount. Love it and I love simplicity.

    Now days every rest company has a dependable drop away solution. Getting rid of arrow and fletch contact is a serious step forward. If you are going to get a new rest I would say take the opportunity to thoroughly research and consider the alternatives. Drop Away's create a lot of fletching options whereas the Biscuit limits your options. Whatever you decide, do it after a serious consideration of the options.

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    Default hands down great input

    I havent made decisions yet but that bo dodlle thing looks like it might be the one to consider I will keep u folks up dated

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    I've had no problems tuning a drop-away rest. I've got both the Trophy Taker Xtreme containment, and an NAP Apache. Both are very similar, and both are extremely easy to set up and tune. I use a biscuit for a few years, but I wasn't a big fan of it. A little noisy for me, and the bristles tended to wear out too fast. Then they changed the design, and the new replacement bristles wouldn't fit the old rests. I switched to the drop-aways, and haven't looked back.
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