Please don't think that I am serious about winning, I'm not. I'm serious about beating the course setter, but one of the best days archery I ever had, I came third and took three arrows to hit a goose 20 yards away (shooting over still water, hmmmm).

Kev on the other hand is an extremely competitive person. Fortunately for him (or is that me) we shoot in different classes, as I shoot fingers and he shoots release. Unfortunately for him, he insist on using good practical hunting type gear, were as many of his fellow competitors shoot bows with more gadgets and gizmo's attached than the International space station. Kev is also quite elderly, and needs to sit down frequently, although he did have the last laugh when three of his fellow competitors (including me) had to twist themselves into extremely uncomfortable and unbecoming positions in order to shoot under a low branch and into the kill. Wise Kev just put his seat near the peg and sat down (with, I'm sorry to say, a rather smug look on his face).

I have, in the past, won a lot of local comps and it IS nice to get a medal, but I would much rather spend the day having a laugh in good company and come last, than spend the day with some miserable hyper competitive types (like Kev) and win...yes, I have had shoots like that

3D is great fun and you guys do have some terrific comps that you can attend. It's a little more formal over here, but as at least 80% of competitors are shooting some sort of instinctive style, it is difficult to take yourself too seriously, as you will usually get a good ribbing from the trad guys (and gals) if you do; like the time I just missed the pro ring on a close target, only to have a guy with an (English) longbow nail it....oh dear!