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    Default Great Info.

    The threads on the TRG/SOS are very interesting. I bought a 2011 Pantera on June 30, and my SOS tore on July 24, after only approx. 300 shots. I super glued it, hoping it would hold while I sent a letter to Martin asking for a replacement, but that obviously didn't last long. No word back yet on the replacement, but after reading here I guess I should call too? Have they sent others the SOS for free? Seems as though that is a common problem. Just last night, broke down and bought a cable guard and generic stopper end to make a homemade STS. On the Pantera, the lower receiver hole is cut through all the way, but only the front portion is threaded to receive a stabilizer. Obviously, the cable guard didn't work as it was threaded. Not sure what to do now. After reading the threads, I'm gonna check my cables for TRG wear, haven't noted any yet. What do you have to do to get Martin to send you the replacement/old slide and string stop? Do you have to provide specific info. to be covered under warranty? I hate to change things up this close to hunting season, as I just started shooting the new bow really well. Without the SOS is is very loud and there is much more hand shock, but it still shoots well. Otherwise, I really like the Pantera. Is it better to just wait on the replacement SOS? Frustrated.....

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    Just need to call them and tell them you want the cable/slide/STS.

    I just bought my Silencer, haven't set it up yet, but still called and they said anyone who wants it, gets it.

    However, they did tell me that I must send in the TRG/SOS once I received my package. Others were not told to do so AFAIK.

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