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Thread: i really have a prob with all the bad rap

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    Default i really have a prob with all the bad rap

    Guys I hope u all agree , if i see one more bad rap on martin bows I am gonna puke!!!!!!!!! IMHO u go to AT everyone is wackin at martin in one way or another, and even a few that get a little hot under the collar here , IMO all bows can give all the same problems and then some , I had a problem with the limbs on mine when i got it BUT IT WAS PROBABLY DRY FIRED IN THE STORE BEFORE I WOULD BET STEPPED ON OR WHAT EVER, DANG these r great` bows I dont have any problem with mine other than operator error , and at that If ur a speed freak u get what u deserve I u max it out AND WACK CRACK THANK U MAN !!!!!!!! is what u end up with , all said and done Martin seems to always take care of there customers and thats a given , how about the time u took ur vcr back and the guy said its 2 days out of warranty and theres nothing he can do , u all have heard that as well as I , SO dang I hope folks can lay off the martins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this has been a public service warning THANK U
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