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Thread: i really have a prob with all the bad rap

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    Quote Originally Posted by peace View Post
    I am not familiar with the atmosphere you speak about in reference to Linux
    I been using various linux's and tools and contributing since early 2001 and its always been an issue, but it depends on where you spend your time I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by peace View Post
    in which distribution do you find these concerns?
    Distro? Linux is a kernel not a distro. Its spread across all FOSS, not all FOSS is 'linux'. It could have been huge, now even MS doesn't feel threatened.

    Quote Originally Posted by peace View Post
    I don't see the analogy of Martin Archery to a flavor of Linux, more like Macintosh to Matthews and Hoyt as Windows
    I agree with 'Mac to Mathews' and 'Windows to Hoyt', I just don't want see 'Martin to linux'. Broken, bloated, change for the sake of change..... oops sorry innovation, and a huge support base made up of deluded and very aggressive people.

    Btw, I'm using good old XP until I cant use it anymore. Distro's like Ubuntu (lol!) and those based on KDE 4 like Slackware (sigh) have gone to bloated trendy looking desktops which I don't like. You get sick of fixing problems with the older desktops like Gnome 2 or KDE 3 so thats not an option either.
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