Called yesterday about string wear and sos rubbers spliting. Was told that Martin will not be shipping any more bows so equiped. My Onza must have been one of the first as the riser is not cut to accept the sts. Will put on a Sims STS that mounts on the front were your stabilizer goes. Martin is sending me a carbon rod as a replacement for the trg. I love this bow, smoothest most acurrate bow. Appears maybe they did not do extensive testing on these to see if they would hold up to use. The folks at Martin have been very pleasant to deal with and I will buy another Martin bow in the future. TRG/SOS still might pan out with some future engineering. I really like the idea of the string stop being near the center of the string. Was thinking a Slanted in carbon rod might be a better idea. They offered to cut a slot in my riser for the sts, but the season is upon us. I will replace the parts as planned after the first red carpet runs.
they are also replaceing my control cables.