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Thread: Bengal string went to hell!!!

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    Default Bengal string went to hell!!!

    Well i was intalling a peep into my bow thats about 2 weeks old earlier today and went to draw it back to see where it needed to be served in at and about half way into the draw it went off! I had the string loop break right where it attaches to the number 1 peg on the cam.

    Well I looked the bow over and it looks like the limb pockets may have cracked on the underside i cant tell very good but there is black lines in the paint. I cant tell if its just scratches or what. I think thats what it is though, at least i hope thats what it is!! So what do you think and what would you do?!?!

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    get in touch with martin archery by phone is the best... they have the best customer service in the biz IMO... they should fix you up... you wil probly have to contact a dealer to get the work done im sure... but on a bow that new they should take care of you...

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