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Thread: Mid 90s easton aluminum target stabilizers just layring around.....

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    Default Mid 90s easton aluminum target stabilizers just layring around.....

    Meant to say... "just laying around" damn autospell on my phone....

    My dad used to have an archery shop in our basement when I was growing up. The bottom line is he hasn't had anything for sale for years, and he has lots of old bow parts and accessories laying around. The one thing I still see some value in are misc. length Easton anodized stabilizers, weights, and what not. He has quite a few of them, and just wondering if anybody has some input on what they are worth, or if anybody wants some of them? I know they are all anodized aluminum, and if someone wants to know more seriously, I can get pics, and a better idea of what he's got. The ones I have seen are black, polished aluminum, anodized red, and anodized blue. He has end weights, and some different weighted bases I believe as well. Just throwing it out there.... thanks for looking guys!
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