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Thread: WAX on WAX off .... got string wax questions, and lubes

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyThomas View Post
    I use Bohning Xccelerator, but pricey for the amount. My next is Scorpion Venom - has leather patch to work into the string. Work in, don't rub until it's hot - just work in good.

    I never heat wax on the strings - bad idea.
    The heat is generated by you working it into the strings, the friction of your fingers or your leather applicator is the only heat I am talking about, please believe I would never recommend another source of heat. Although your comment has made me think about a hair dryer, Naw! Well maybe, Naw!

    I have also tried mink oil, and leather waterproofing, both silicone based wax products and they work well. I am always looking for household equivalents that may already be present in my home to use instead of packaged and marketed products. I am wary of products that are labeled exclusively for Archery as glues are glues and wax is wax. The material application and chemical ingredients are the only thing that is important, not the labeling or advertising hype. Daniel-san from Mr. Miaygi and peace out!

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