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    I just aquired a 2005 Slayr SE, with Magnum limbs, that are marked 4 H has the "B" cams on it, and the X system shoot through set-up...I was told that this bow was supposed to be a 45# - 60# draw weight bow...The limbs will bottom out at close to 70# @ 28" of draw....It also has the "H" high let-off modules on it, and right now, I am shooting it at 63#, and holding about 22# to 23# approx. weight at full draw...The A-T-A seems good, but the brace height is lower than the 2005 factory specs show...The brace height is supposed to be approx. 7", and it is about 6 5/8"...What does any, or all of this mean??...I'm a finger shooter, so I am happy with the lower % of let-off, but I'd like to know why the brace height is so low, and unless I read wrong, the 4-H limbs on this bow could mean that the bow actually has 55#-70# limbs on it....Any help from the Martin techs will be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance...Harpman

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    Anyone??Anyone??...Is this thing on??..L.O.L....Harperman

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