hey all... I am sure if I dig deeper into some threads I can find this answer, but I really want it now haha..... I just got my bow back 2 weeks ago from having my limbs replaced, and what not. I got the idler lean out, the STS aligned, and began paper tuning. I got my vertical tear PERFECT, but I am hitting arrow fieldpoint right about 3/4'' of an inch. I am tuning at about 6' from the paper, and I will tell you my bow specs. I am shooting a 2010 martin cheetah, set to 66-67 lbs, with Carbon Express mayhem 350 arrows. I believe my spine is good, because i had a good tear with my bow using my NAP quicktune 360 arrow rest. I opted for the drop away because the 360 brushes made a lot of noise on the draw with the carbon weave arrows. Just curious as to what else I can really do or if people have some answers on the set up of the drop away rest. I have the launcher sitting perfectly vertical at full draw, with the white marks lined up with each other, not over extending it or anything. Just trying to get it figured out since deer season is coming up, and my practicing has been cut short due to the damaged bow. I'd like to get shooting a lot more here so I can be as prepared as I possibly can. Thanks all!