i have 5 days till i leave for my 10 day hunting trip,and 6 till opening day.im counting every second.work is going by sooooo slow.this year im ready to rock.got all my food(99% is caned),all my gear,40 gallons of watter,solar shower,porta john,20x12 tent,fire pit,12 gage for the tent, oh and my favorit,im bringing my La-Z-Boy recliner for my bed.

my brother in-law is letting me borrow his ranger and 12 foot trailer.20 gallons of extra gas,about 16 mini propaine tanks and other things.darn im ready to rock.IS IT FRIDAY YET.im leaving a 4 am friday morning.got my digi camcorder ready.just cant wait.wish i could sleep throgh the next 5 days,wake up and go,go,go