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    I just recently ordered a martin bengal, I test shot it at my local pro shop I will be taking it up north this weekend to sight it in. Just wondering if any of you guys know any thing good about it or bad about it. Thanks.

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    I have one and have shot it quite a bit on the 3d range (practicing for critters). It draws so smooth... It shoot like a dream... Love it!

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    Default Bengal

    I got mine in January after shooting a Cheetah for ten years. Man the new rig is sweet. Smooth, easy to tune, shoots real well. Like you, getting ready for fall. I went in expecting to pay $800.00 for a Mathews and the shop guy said: "take a look at the Martin before you decide". To me they shot exactly alike, same ATA, and I just could'nt justify spending the extra $300.00 for the Drenlin and the 10 fps it gave me.

    You'll love the new bow.......congratulations and good luck.

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    Darn good bow. Love the MPro cam. I also was looking at Mathews since I was shooting a Feather Max. The Bengal does everything my Mathews did plus it is somewhat more comfortable for me to shoot.

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