I would really like to figure out why some guys have no wear on their cables from the TRG and others like myself do. I have gone thru two sets of cables from wear. They didn't break, they frayed and looked like hell. I have some thoughts on the wear issue but don't know if they hold water or not.

The TRG is different in function than a cable slide not only in the way the cable slides from front to rear but how the cable is bent around the TRG. As the cables goes over the TRG it is flattened somewhat and loses it's round shape. The cable goes from round to flattened and back to round in a very short order under a tremendous amount of tension. As the fibers are forcefully separated and then return to their original shape this must create friction, at least it does in my mind's eye.

Why is the cable slide different than the TRG? The area where the cable glides across is round and helps the cable keep it's round shape. I'm sure there are some stresses with it as well but not to the degree of the TRG. If the cable retains, or mostly retains, it's round shape there is considerably less friction. Again, at least there is in my mind's eye.

Differences in function aside, why do some guys get cable wear from the TRG while others don't? Could wax/lube be the difference? Could it be that some strings leave HammerHead lubed better than others? I understand the factories dip their strings to get complete wax penetration. Could it be that some of our topical string/cable waxes penetrate deeper into the cable bundle? I'm not faulting the wax, I just wonder if some brands are getting deeper into the cables stopping the wear? I used Bohning Xccelerator and U-V-Block by Atska.

You guys with a TRG and no cable wear, what type wax are you using?