Hello again everyone in Martinville,

I have had my special times with my TR-1 but all things are working out fine now, patience and handi-work will prevail!!

Back to my topic of arrow selection, Has anyone had experience with eastons full metal jacket shafts or similar in the 10 GPI weight range? My shots are in fine groups for my expectation but the set up is a little noisy for hunting. I got the usual string dampeners and 8" stabilizer (from x factor) but still more noise than I like. Finally got a grain scale and have arrow weights under 5 GPI for a 70 draw wt. (70 x 5 = 350) Mine are at 333. I think this is my noise problem and not good for the limbs. I shoot a short arrow raw shaft cut at 26.5 so that loses some weight too. shaft now is 7.5 GPI.( 26.5 x 7.5 = 198.75) add 135 for nock, insert & fletching. So to get to say 6 gpi for 70 # DWT (6 x 70 = 420) minus add ons of 135 grn leave a raw shaft wt needed of 285. Divide by cut length of 26.5 and I need a 10.75 GPI shaft.

Back again to the easton shafts of 10+ GPI, any good report on them and is the loss of speed worth the reduction in noise and gain of kinetic force to hunt with?