I had my Silencer set up on Monday, yesterday was 1st chance to shoot outdoors. I hear a noise and it's coming from the code red hitting the shelf.

Don't know why we didn't hear it indoors.

But... what is the fix? Can I raise the code red up a tad bit so it doesn't hit the shelf and of course, move my nocking point up? I didn't look to see where it aligned with the berger holes, but even if it's slightly above the berger holes, would that be okay?

I looked at the ripcord instructions and it said if it made noise it was one of 2 things. The arrow being drawn and making noise, which it isn't or hitting the shelf, which it is. It said to raise it up and/or put moleskin underneath it. But the Silencer has a rubber shelf, how would moleskin or felt help with the thud?