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Thread: Bengal speed...does this sound right?

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    Question Bengal speed...does this sound right?

    I just bought a chrono and was checking my Bengals speed. My complete arrow was 461grns, draw lenght is 28.5, and draw weight is 60 pounds. My Bengal is shooting this arrow at 226 ft/sec. Does that sound a little slow? I shot the same arrow out of my PSE Viking (which is a 99 or 2000 model bow) which has the same draw length and weight....same size d-loop same string silencers ect.. and it is pushing it 14 to 15 ft/sec faster? I am also pretty sure my PSE has a slower posted IBO and AMO speed than my new Bengal but still shoots faster? Any Ideas???

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    Default Bengal Speed vs. PSE

    I checked your numbers against a web sight that calculates arrow speed and KE. It came out at 226 fps and KE is: 52.3 Two brands of bows with the same IBO, and same setup should shoot the brand does not shoot faster than another, but different setups shoot differently. I would guess your rigs are not as close as you think. There is a reason one is 15 fps than the other, besides brand.

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