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Thread: Passed my mandatory Archery course

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    Glad you passed. How long have they been doing this? We have nothing like that in MN but I think it would be a good idea.
    You have no idea how many people here buy bows a week or two before hunting season and don't have a clue what they are doing.
    I here every year, I didn't get one but I hit a couple.
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    Hey guys,
    sorry for the typo, I meant 10 hrs, it felt like 10yrs, hahahaha. I cant spell to save my life by the way if you havent picked that up in my posts yet.
    I think the course is a good thing for young kids and new hunters, but for a seasoned gun hunter it was all the basic safety and laws that apply to hunting across the board. All good and useful info but repetitive. If I was a kid it would have been great.
    I'm not sure how long they have required the course. My father in law didnt have to take it 20 years ago. But I do know its necessary in a bunch of states, canada and a few other countries. So if I go up north for some big canada whitetail it will be worth it.
    I guess I'm not really pissed about the doe tag, I just really wanted to get the jitters out on a nice doe in archery, then still have a doe permit for shotgun so I wouldnt be sitting there only looking for horns. Knowing I could potentially shoot any one of the next few deer that comes by helps me stay out for longer hours. If I'm horn hunting, and they are few and far between here it makes the waiting harder.
    Hawg I envy you, if I ever make it to michigan I will look you up. 5 deer is crazy! My resident is from michigan and he goes home now and again to visit his family, it would be tempting to bum a ride for a weekend.
    Anyway I'm one step closer to realizing my archery hunting dreams, only a month and half left till season!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjchasman View Post
    Barry...the "Y" is directly above the"H" on a keyboard...hrs. instead of yrs. is my guess. Of course you probably already knew that and were just bustin' chops lol
    Thanks for that. I told you guys I'm old and dense. Now you have the evidence.
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