I took my first shots through my New Firecat 400 today. So far it is equipped with a Bone Collector Quality Archery Design Drop Away Arrow Rest, Apex Bone Collector Quiver, Apex Bone Collector Stabilizer, Bone Collector D-Loop, TruGlo micro brite 3 pin sights and G5 1/4" peep. Why all the bone collector stuff? Well my bow is black and green and well all that stuff matches the bow and so far the accessories are decent. I have not yet put on my TruBlock string silencers and G5 speed studs. Still need to get maybe some limb silencers as well.

I am shooting 70# at a 29" draw. My bow is setup with a cable slide and an STS. No more TRG/SOS being sent out it appears.

My big topic today is noise. My arrow rest makes a little noise on the draw but you can not hear it standing 10 yards away from it. The rest drops away to the silent shelf so the drop is pretty clean. I checked all screws and parts for loose screws or connections before shooting. I shot about 15-20 shots. I shot in an indoor range so judging noise was a bad acoustic environment. However the bow was quite loud. Other bows shooting around me were much more low performance and poundage but were much more quiet. At the end of shooting I realize my module screws at the cam were nearly backed out causing a lot of noise but I am not confident that was the source of all the noise. I say this because even my first 3 shots were loud with all screws pre-checked. I have them tight again but I am going to have to add some Loctite to the threads to keep them in place I guess. I am thinking they are just going to back out again. Another thought is that the string slapping the STS is adding noise rather than helping it. I have moved the bumper back and forward trying to compare but I have more to do with that before being confident one way or another. I may remove it to hear a the total difference. I hate to do that because its ment to be a nice feature to have on a bow.

Now the good out of today's shoot. This bow is fast. I had the fastest shot at the range. The pure raw force of my arrow hitting the target was making such audible bang. This is my first what you would call high speed bow. The chronograph is broke so I was not able to take any sample of speed. The bow just looks wicked. One of the employees I brought the bow too to put a sticker on it as my own personal merchandise just forgot what he was doing. I eventually asked "Dont I need a sticker or something to take this to the back of the store"? "Oh yeah sorry of course I was just drooling over this bow". Carrying around the carbon black firecat today with the carbon quiver and stabilizer accessories adding to it was like driving a nice sports car. You can hear people making comments and some cant help but walk up to you to see it up close.

After sighting in I am shooting more accurate than I ever have in my life. I do not know if their is one exact reason for it or if its a combination. Switching to the drop away rest? The bow? The Sights? All 3? If you place a 2 inch "x" at 20 yards with my last Martin Jaguar I could hit all around the "x" area pretty snug but never accurately center the "x" over and over again. Today I can center the "x" at 20 yards and place another carbon shaft right next to the first arrow with fletching touching. The sight I have also allows for fine tune click adjustments like a rifle scope so I am sure that helps. My accuracy is blowing me away. Even though this bow is loud right now the arrow is impacting the target before the bow is even finished making its noise. I have to get the noise worked out though.

Feel free to comment on anything I got here but I would really like to know if anyone has this bow and had a good bit of unwanted noise. What did you do? Maybe I will have it figured out soon. I am hoping locking the module screws down good made a big difference and we will see about the STS far as on or off, adjusted, etc. Really need to shoot again soon outdoors to better feel out the noise.