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Those Bone Collector accessories complement that Firecat just right. I love blue loctite on accessories. It keeps the vibrations and noise down, is also made to be removal. We used to use beeswax for wood screws and does work in a pinch for metal to metal but loctite is preferred.

Hope you are able to get the noise to levels you can tolerate. Heavier arrows as suggested will do it. She is definitely looking bad a$$.

That FireCat is money....

Smarten Up and Martin Up
Thanks guys for the kind words. I am going to try my scorpion venom wax on the threads and see how it holds first. If no success I am after the blue loctite. I am shooting quite a lighter arrow than I should be but its all I can really do right now.. I do have a couple heavy arrows laying around I can try for a noise test but the ones I have now are actually only rated for up to 60# from my old set up. Cant really afford more arrows just yet. I am not finding any damage to arrows so far though. I am putting string silencers and speed studs on it tomorrow. I would say before its over though I have limb silencers, cable silencers, cable slide silencer, etc on it. I do not want to use an adhesive limbsaver on this bow though. I was looking at a wrap design and also the vibracheck limb silencers but your bow has to be pressed to put them on.. Really I did not read great reviews about the vibracheck limb silencers anyway other than looking cool. Those are the ones you see factory on these PSE bows.

Again thanks for the comments and being a part of this new bow experience of mine I am having right now.