2010 Bengal with 70# limbs, set @ 62.

If some of you remember, I had issues we my string recently and the problem happened to be my slide (cable guard) that was getting sharp and chewing the string (Thank Bfisher for pointing this one out).

Now, I was shooting again today, and the slide was "grabbing" on the carbon rod that holds it. I notice some wear on the rod and I rotated it 180˚ and it fixed the problem . . . for now. I can probably flip it too, which would give it a bot more life. My proshop is closed, and it won't be opened before I go hunting.

Is wear a normal thing for this rod? It has around 6000 shots on it.

Now, in my previous post, I was thinking on going into a ccs system, but I'm not convinced it is the right choice. Some of the best bow on the market still use the slide system.

Any idea if my rod is covered by warranty? If not, are they expensive? Would you keep the rod and slide or switch to ccs? Any input will be appreciated.