When I first started shooting at a club, waaaay back in 1986, there was a battle going on between a tiny part of the club, that wanted to shoot IFAA type spots and he main body that shot NFAS animal faces. The club tried it's hardest to accommodate the spot shooters, but whenever a new archer would join up, especially one that could shoot (as I apparently could) then a 'battle of their soul' would be launched by the spot shooters. Of course they were only trying to get people to be as enthusiastic about their particular style of archery as they were, but like so many evangelists they were unable to see that there was plenty of room, within the sport, for both styles. In the end they left and the club went 100% NFAS animal faces / 3D's and was highly successful for many years, ending up with a membership of over 250 people.

Unfortunately, about three years ago the committee was taken over by trad archers who started to influence the course designs, taking out all the long shots, actively discouraging compound archers and being very rude about individuals. Given that they had one compound archer who was IFAA World Champion / multiple NFAS champion, another archer who was another NFAS / EFAA champion and still is probably the best all round compound archer in the Uk and lastly myself rated as a pretty fair club level archer, with a lot of club level wins a and a couple of 5th places at NFAS championships, you would have thought there would have been a degree of club pride, that our club produced good compound archers, as well as some top trad archers, but apparently not, so I left ,as did many other folk last I heard they had 85 members.

I don't understand factionalism; I do my thing and am happy for everyone else to do theirs. I have no need to influence them and can get along with pretty much anyone, but there are those that will always try to change things for their own interests, and when it affects clubs and societies in such a detrimental manner, I do wonder why the majority put up with it, or perhaps the fact that numbers drop indicates that they don't.