Thanks Speedy, Justin, Destroyer, and Jake the Snake. I appreciate your feedback a lot. The more I think about it and listening to you guess speculate I think that Im probably better off just sticking to the Cheetah. Even if the 08 Firecat shoots a little harder 5-10 fps faster its not enough to justify getting it. Having a short DL really sucks! Im not all about speed but having that short DL it helps to get as aggressive as you can. I have to let all of you know that pulling 73 lbs. is no problem for me even effortless in late season in cold IL. I wish Martin had bows that even went up to 80 lbs. I know the limbs have to be pretty tough. I know Hoyt and Strother archery does it. Heard the 08 Martin limbs had a lot of recalls so with my 2010 be better off that way as well. Im shooting 73 lbs cause the custom string I put on pulled on limbs a little more. I also like the 30 inch axel to axel its slick in the treestand.

Once again thanks everyone for at least taking the effort to look into it!