so you ask permission to hunt a piece of property. the landowner agrees with the stipulation that you take any animal that gives you the opportunity. buck,doe,fawn,woodchucks,coon,and turkey are on his hitlist. he is so adamant about the taking of game that he is so bold to request that you hunt his property "after hours" if need be. this IS NOT a rhetorical question. this is a dilema ive been in since hunting this property.

ill shoot coon,woodchucks,squirrels any chance i get, no problem. im not a turkey hunter...yet. as far as the deer are concerned, i would rather shoot a doe of any age than shoot a young buck or spotted fawn. ive got plenty of smaller bucks under my belt in the early days of my bowhunting. i no longer feel the need or desire to shoot small bucks. my self-imposed restrictions on bucks are nothing less than 8pts and must be wider than its ears(approx.15"). i pass on many deer every season on this property. the landowner called me out on it last season and now im in jeapordy of losing hunting privileges if i dont start harvesting more deer.

how would you handle this dilema?