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Thread: How do I adjust the let off

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    Default How do I adjust the let off

    I have a Marten Jaguar and I took it to a pro shop where they messed up the let off on my bow, I took it back and they said there is no let off on this bow all they can do is drop the weight, is this true if not let me know how to adjust the let off on it, By the way they say there are a Marten dealer - they really need to have some training.

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    I believe you would have to put on a different cam(s)...

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    I am not fimilar with the bow and you didn't list the cam. I am assuming the cam is a Dynacam or similar. They evidently have not tuned the bow correctly and have either the cable and/or string at the wrong dimension. Therefore, the bow is not breaking over into the valley fast enough.

    The let-off is changed through module adjustment on the DynaCam. The available modules are either 65% or 75%.

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