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OK so we're talking about a second bow somewhere down the road. In terms of speed try doing it this way. Instead of the slow single cam try a 60# bow with the Cat/Nitro or whatever the name will be changed to at the time. The binary cam is about 15 to 20 fps faster than the single cam when both bows are set up the same. Or you have the option of shooting your present arrows and getting the same speed, but at about 8# less draw weight. This 8# less makes the binary cam feel a lot smoother, very close in feel to the single cam.

Put another way to get the same speed you have to shoot the single cam bow at 7-8# more draw weight than the binary.
Yeah, eventually I will look at another. I am sure it would be one of the newer duals that are out there. I like the single, have no complaints on it. The older cheetah my dad has that I had been shooting had a dual cam conversion on it, but was still set for 67-70#

At the same time with the original post, looking back on it, I don't know that I am going to be completely obsessed with speed, but rather overall performance and efficiency. The speed is a bonus - the quietness is a must. This is all speculation to something I haven't even had a chance to witness first hand yet, with my lighter arrow weight and the bow I have now. I honestly have no clue what speed this rig is getting, but I like how it shoots right now. I figure, if in the future, I have something that is naturally faster than my current, I could go to a heavier arrow and gain some more energy and momentum. This could all be for not, if I find that my lighter arrow and general speed right now is more than enough for the type of hunting I will be doing.

I don't even know if any of that even makes sense.