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Thread: 60 vs 70#

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiker View Post
    My 60# '09 AX came from a Rytera dealer that is not only highly respected as a dealer/shop owner/tuner etc...
    but is also highly respected on this, and other, web sites.
    JRH60 or archerx7?

    Btw, how many stands of what material on this special 52# bow?

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    not to highjack, but in terms of speed for binary vs. solo cam, i've found, or think i've found, that the amount of degrees of parallel of the limbs also can have a noticeable effect on speed when set at the same draw weight. using my chrono i've found that my diamond marquis ( single cam) can keep up with my shadowcat. I did find that the bowtech brigadier was slower than either the diamond or the shadowcat.

    just my observation.

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