So I recently bought gold tip velocity hunters, I cut them down to size, inserted and fletched with orange and white blazers. Did 6 this way, anyway finished weight is 306 gr. They fly great! Had an 1.5 inch group at 25 yds with them, I'm usually 2.5 inches at that distance. They hit 3 inches high from where I was sigted at 25 yds. I was shooting 360gr arrows. I went from 255 to 276 fps! They shoot fast, and accurate, and just as quiet. I love it! I'm so happy with them. I should have 51lb of kenetic energy so should be plenty for deer.I bought hot pink blazers to go with the white for the ones I will use to hunt. The orange and white are for practice.
Anyway I resighted in the 25 yd pin by moving the whole sight up, havent checked my 35 yd yet. I only keep 2 pins, one 25 and 35. Not sure if the set yds will be different since its shooting flatter. If its flatter then I think I may just put one pin for 30, and if I'm not 8" high at 10 or 15 yds I may get rid of the second pin. I dont think I feel comfortable shooting at a deer farther then 30 yds anyway.
I absolutely love my bowtech equalizer. We put it on the scale thinking it was set at 60lbs from the guy I bought it from. It was set at 53 lbs, has a little harder draw cycle then my old exile. I have a 26" draw, and with 306gr arrows I'm at 276. I'm thrilled, it so much faster then the exile, quiter as well, and seems to shoot so much flatter. For being a t rex with short arms I feel like 276 is smokin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!