So 2 years ago I bought a 98 subaru forester, with 120,000 miles on it. A few months ago had to have the headgasket, timing belt and water pump and all done. Cost like 1500. So today on my way to a hospital call my car wont start. Have it towed from the office to home, and me and a buddy start digging into it. We take the timing belt cover off, and the cam shaft sprocket/pulley was in 10 pieces and there was a large rip in my timing belt. So the parts are cheap to fix, I dont know if the mechanic had replaced the sprocket, but the parts are cheap. The problem is there will be 3-4 hours of labor involved in getting to everything and then figuring out how to time the whole system. My buddy is offering to help, but there are no gurantees that the valves arent bent. With that said, I've been on call all weekend, and I took my residents on call starting monday through monday so I didnt have to be on call during the fall hunting seasons. Oh and to top it off my wife is a teacher and goes back to work on tuesday. So we have to carpool!!! yeah so much fun, been a great day.
I may fix it and sell it, and not chance it all happening again. These things never happen at a good time. My wife has been off work for 2 months, having one car working would have been simple then.